About South Coast Tea

South Coast Tea grew out of our passion for the highest quality White teas. As tea drinkers, we were tired of over paying for inferior leaves marketed and sold as premium quality. We continuously search for the best examples of the teas we enjoy drinking- the same teas that we are proud to offer you. We hope you enjoy our selection.

While most online tea companies sell dozens of different kinds of tea, South Coast Tea specializes in a select few. Premium White tea gets our full attention. Our goal, is to focus on sourcing a handful of the highest quality teas we can.

About White Tea

White teas is tea in the purest form. After careful picking, the leaves are set out to naturally wither in the sun and then are dried to remove excess moisture, preserving the natural qualities of the tea leaf. Unlike green teas, they are not fired, and unlike black teas, they are only minimally and naturally oxidized. The minimal processing preserves the natural sweetness of the leaf, described as light, floral, fruity, and thirst quenching with no bitterness or astringency. Once rare, white tea has become more popular in the west in recent years for it’s potency as a powerful health tonic. Our selection of white tea displays their famous refreshing quality, while highlighting how different cultivars, origins and plucking styles can influence the finished product we enjoy so much. 

Passion + Quality