Silver Needle White Tea
Silver Needle White Tea
Silver Needle White Tea

Organic Yunnan Silver Needle- (30-40/80-100 Servings)

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Overview: A unique example of a Silver Needle. Beautiful long silver buds with a powerful fruity aroma and no subtlety in terms of floral sweetness. Well balanced with a light woody and savory finish. Smooth and rich mouthfeel. No bitterness. Very refreshing white tea at an incredible value.   

Description: Traditionally, like all white teas, Silver needle is grown in China's Fujian Province, but other provinces have developed their own white tea traditions. This example from Yunnan province, the birth place of tea, uses an old Yunnan tea cultivar to create an excellent and unique white tea. Like our Fuding Silver Needle, the Yunnan variety is traditionally grown on a multigeneration family-owned tea garden and is harvested and processed all by hand. The leaves are strikingly beautiful with long silver buds that produce a light rose-gold infusion, exuding mouth-watering fruit and floral notes. In our blind tasting, we rated this tea higher than a Fujian sourced Silver Needle from a competitor costing nearly three times as much. This tea stands out among our white teas. While Fuding Silver Needle has a way of delicately whispering to your taste buds its complex flavor profile, our Yunnan Silver Needle is like a silk fisted punch to your palate. It is much more floral, sweet and robust than our Fuding variety, and clearly displays how the variation in origin and cultivar impact flavor and aroma. At a price point that is around half a dollar per serving, it is perfect for those looking for a daily drinking Handcrafted Silver Needle that refuse to sacrafice quality for affordability. 

Package Size:100 Grams Or 80 250 Grams

Brewing Instructions 

  • Place 2-4 grams of tea per 4-6 ounces of 185°F-195°F water, preferably in a Gaiwan
  • Allow the tea to steep for 1-3 minutes
  • Repeat 2-3 times
  • Like all white tea, Silver Needle is best enjoyed without sweeteners or lemon

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